14+ Foundation is a USA-based charitable organization that was formed to develop and build schools and orphanages for African children in rural communities. Our first project is the Chipakata Children’s Academy in Zambia, Africa


Princess In Training

Our mission is to encourage young ladies that their futures are not shaped by their environments or circumstances. Every young girl was born to lead. It is our duty to assist these young ladies with identifying and developing these skills. Workshops will cover areas that define a great leader. We want them to walk away from the camp with the tools that will allow them to walk in the fullness of their royalty. Their toolkit will help them to combat daily societal pressures, instill self-confidence, assure a healthy self-esteem, and inspire them to seek out and achieve their dreams.

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The Man In Me Men’s program is designed to help discover what is inside of the man. MIM Men’s programs are distinctive from others by implementing workshops and trainings to help discover the uniqueness and gifts of men.  Sometimes it can be difficult for men to ask for help, but we just need to strengthen our grip on some situations to continue life. Our Men Talk Workshops  is where “REAL” men talk. This is raw and uncut straight talk. You have a point of view on what it is being a man in this world? Here’s the chance to state your case. These group sessions are designed to engage men and bring self-awareness. Men from all cultures, and all walks of life, are being called to take back and strengthen their role as men.